Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA) Services

ITIN Application

An ITIN will serve as your identification number for filing your taxes. With certified tax professionals and Certified Acceptance Agents (CAAs), our office is well-equipped to guide you through the ITIN number application or ITIN renewal process.

Why do I need an ITIN?

An ITIN is a tax identification number only available for certain foreigners and nonresident individuals, their spouses and dependents, who cannot get a SSN from the Social Security Administration (SSA). If you’re working and earning money in the United States but you don’t qualify for a Social Security Number. An ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) or Tax ID will serve as your identification number for filing your tax returns. If you do not qualify for an SSN, you will need to apply for an ITIN.

ITIN does:

  • allows to get a refund from your income withheld by the IRS, if you qualify.
  • allows to file your taxes and claim dependents you support in the U.S., Mexico or Canada.
  • It may allow you to open a bank account or apply for a mortgage loan.

So your ITIN tax ID not only helps you file a tax return, it ensures you get the refund you deserve as quickly as possible.

Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA) is authorized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), to assist alien individuals and other foreign persons, who are ineligible or unable to receive Social Security Number (SSN), in obtaining an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) from the IRS. CAA is also authorized to submit a Form W-7 on behalf of an applicant, without having to furnish the original documents that support foreign status and identity.

We offer complete ITIN service including renewal include the preparation of the following forms:

  • Form W-7, Application for Individual Tax Payer Identification Number
  • Form W-7, (COA) Certificate of Accuracy for IRS individual Taxpayer Identification Number, along with required identity documentation.
  • The list of documents ITIN applicants might use to prove their identities include:
  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Photo Identification
  • Visa issued by U.S Department of State
  • Passport or TWO (2) of the following documents: (including at least one identification with photo and one identification from your country):
    • U.S. Driver’s License
    • Foreign Military ID Card
    • U.S. Military ID Card
    • National Identification Card
    • United States State ID Card
    • Civil Birth Certificate
    • School Records (valid for dependents under 14 years of age)
    • Medical Records (valid for dependents under 14 years of age)
    • Foreign Voter’s Registration Card

We are listed at the IRS website:  Certified Acceptance Agent